Family Law in Prince William County and Fauquier County

Areas of our family law practice include divorce (uncontested and contested), grandparent interventions, child support modifications, and stepparent adoptions. We also draft prenuptial and marital agreements.

Divorce cases

Many of the family law cases we at von Keller Thelin handles are for individuals trying to resolve a divorce in Prince William County or Fauquier County courts or through negotiations. We provide assistance in different types of divorce situations to meet your various legal needs:

  • Proving necessary grounds for divorce
  • Settling divorce-related issues
    • Child custody, support, and visitation
    • Division of marital property
    • Spousal maintenance and support
  • Drafting separation agreements

In addition to providing sound legal advice, strategies, and devices to protect your interests, we offer supportive guidance that helps ease the transition through divorce. We let our clients know when emotional issues are standing in the way of their legal goals.

Child custody disputes

Child custody disputes draw special attention to us at von Keller Thelin. Mr. von Keller has over three decades of experience in this area and explores both litigation strategies and negotiations to find a custody arrangement that is a realistic fit for your family:

  • Temporary custody arrangements
  • Joint or shared custody
  • Sole custody

He always fights aggressively for the best custody arrangement for your family but also strives to resolve disputes in an efficient and effective manner. Faced with difficult choices that ultimately affect the happiness and well-being of their children, our clients receive the legal fortitude they need to persevere.

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