What You Should Know About Guardianship And Conservatorships

There can come a time in our lives when we are not physically or mentally able to convey our wishes in crucial situations that can have major consequences in our lives. It is at these times that we most need someone in our lives we can trust to uphold our best interests, and a court legally appoints them to maintain these wishes.

Here at von Keller Thelin, our team of Virginia attorneys want to help you understand what a guardian and conservator can do for you, and how they are established. The more informed you are about these kinds of things, the better off you are to prepare for them.

What A Guardian Or Conservator Can Do

A guardian is someone the court appoints to make any healthcare and non-financial decisions on your behalf. A conservator is someone the court appoints to make any monetary elections on your behalf. If a vulnerable person did not previously establish a power of attorney before their incapacitation, then a court will appoint people to be their guardian or conservator.

While not every vulnerable person needs both a guardian and conservator, the court will assign a someone based on their needs. It is possible for a single person to have both roles, and a loved one can attempt to be the one who gets appointed. Our team has the knowledge to help you review your unique situation, identify your needs, and help you protect them.

We Can Offer Guidance When You Need It

Whether you need a guardian or conservator, are looking to become one, or just need help understanding what you can do as one, our dedicated lawyers can help you. If you are in the Manassas area, contact our office by calling 703-659-0477, or by emailing us here.

The sooner you contact us, the sooner you can be properly prepared, so do not wait another day to contact an experienced attorney.