Experienced Estate Planning To Protect Your Future

Estate planning involves the management and protection of assets during your lifetime, decision-making in the event of a disabling illness and provision for the disposition of assets upon your death. These efforts include the preparation of a will and other documents. We at von Keller Thelin can help you with the creation of trusts for the benefit of minor children, yourself, your spouse, elderly parents and/or others.

The issues involved here are very personal and often complex. Your special family circumstances, particularly in the case of second marriages and blended families, must be addressed. Ideally, estate planning is an ongoing process that begins in early adulthood. It helps you and your family prepare for life’s transitions and respond to life’s unexpected events.

Preserving Your Wishes With Legal Devices

Your desires regarding specific arrangements for the benefit of others, as well as preferences concerning your own health and medical care options, need to be memorialized. The attorneys at von Keller Thelin work together with clients in performing complex legal and financial analyses to determine which estate planning tools should be employed. We help you arrange for:

  • Financial security for a spouse and children
  • Specific bequests for beneficiaries
  • Educational funding for grandchildren

In working toward your goals, our attorneys implement sound legal strategies that can help you reduce estate taxes and expedite administrative procedures.

We also prepare powers of attorney and advance medical directives that outline, in detail, your wishes in the event of incapacity regarding:

  • Management of assets and finances
  • Resuscitation and life support
  • Type and length of medical care
  • Selection of person(s) to make decisions

Estate planning provides you with an opportunity to have input in all of the important areas addressed above. Contact our firm to learn how you can make these decisions preemptively so your family will not have to make them for you.

Avoiding Probate

A large part of our estate planning practice is devoted to structuring existing estates to help avoid probate.

Probate can take a lot of time and put unnecessary financial and emotional strain on grieving families. As a general rule, wills must pass through probate, but when these documents are complemented by other effective estate planning tools, the process can be shortened significantly. Assets in a trust do not pass through probate, so the creation of trusts can be a very useful estate planning tool.

Let Us Help You Prepare For Tomorrow

We can help you structure your estate so your assets can be distributed well before or upon your death in ways that can alleviate or minimize the complexities of probate. If you need help in proper estate planning, contact us by calling 703-659-0477, or by emailing us here