Navigate Through Estate Administration With Confidence

Estate administration includes the qualification of an executor named in a will or appointment of an administrator in the case of a person who passed away without a will; the preparation and submission of an inventory; the management of finances; the payment of debts and other liabilities; the transfer of properties and other assets; and the eventual final distribution of the estate.

When a family member has died, you probably will need assistance in these areas. This is particularly true if adequate estate planning has not occurred previously. We at von Keller Thelin can help you through any of these areas in a compassionate and efficient manner.

Estate administration can be fairly simple if the estate is small (less than $15,000) or quite complex in the case of larger estates where significant assets and liabilities are involved. Our experienced and caring attorneys can represent you in probate and, if necessary, related litigation.

Special Needs Trusts, Guardianships And Conservatorships, And Long-term Disability Planning

Here at von Keller Thelin, we reach out to residents of northern Virginia who have family members with special needs or disabilities and who are concerned about their changing legal needs.

We create special needs trusts and help clients prepare for the day their children with special needs will become legal adults. Our attorneys handle guardianships and conservatorships when these proceedings become necessary. We also perform long-term disability planning and help clients plan for the care of siblings and parents with disabilities.

Let Us Help You Sort Things Out

We understand this unique body of law and can assist you in protecting the interests of your family member born with special needs or challenged by a disability later in life, in many cases without sacrificing his or her rights to receive Social Security insurance and other government-sponsored benefits. Consult with the attorneys at von Keller Thelin for legal services to help ensure your family member’s financial security and quality of life. Contact our firm to learn more.

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