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The basics of identity theft

Identity theft charges are serious criminal charges that can result in serious penalties and consequences which is why accused individuals should be familiar with what identity theft is and what to do when accused of identity theft. Accusations of identity theft and identity fraud generally refer to allegations that the accused individual wrongfully obtained or used another party's personal data in a manner that involves fraud or deception for economic gain.

Identity theft is a type of white collar crime that occurs when a someone misuses another party's identifying information in a personal or financial manner. It can include using Social Security information, birth date information or other sensitive identifying information. There are a variety of different methods that may be used to obtain identifying information. The information is commonly used to open financial accounts in the other party's name.

What is a sex offender registry?

A sex offender registry is important for individuals accused of sex crimes to understand because it can have a significant impact on their lives if they are facing a sex crimes conviction. A sex offender registry can be a lasting requirement for accused individuals which is why it is important for them to understand what a sex offender registry is and how the process works.

Individuals accused of sexual assault face serious potential penalties and consequences and one of those consequences can include the requirement to register with a sex offender registry. Individuals accused and convicted of certain sex crimes may be required to register as part of a sex offender registry. This may include submitting certain information such as home address and other personal information which is information convicted sex offenders may also be required to keep current or face additional penalties and consequences if they fail to do so.

What to do when facing embezzlement charges

White collar crimes can result in serious criminal charges, penalties and consequences. White collar crimes refer to financial crimes and two types of financial crimes include embezzlement and financial fraud. One type of white collar crime is the crime of embezzlement and it is a serious criminal charge that accused individuals should know how to handle.

White collar crimes can be charged as felony crimes which are the most serious crimes according to the legal system and can carry significant penalties and consequences. In addition, the accused individual can suffer the impacts of a criminal record which may follow them throughout their life. Embezzlement charges, like any criminal charge, threatens the accused individual's future. Criminal defense options are intended to protect the rights of accused individuals and help them potentially ameliorate the impacts of the charges they are facing.

Choosing a defense strategy for a domestic violence charge

When it comes to allegations of domestic violence, there are almost always two sides of the story. If you're charged with this serious crime in Virginia, it's imperative to understand the steps you can take to clear your name.

There are many defense strategies for a domestic violence charge, with these five among the most common:

  • Lack of proof: In many cases, this is the best way to win your case. If the other party is unable to meet the burden of proof, there's a greater chance of walking away without any further consequences.
  • Self-defense: You may be able to claim that you acted in self-defense, such as if the other individual was threatening you with a weapon or attempting to harm your children.
  • False allegations: If you're in a bad relationship, it's possible your partner could make false allegations as a means of getting back at you. This is common in complex and messy divorce and child custody cases. For example, your ex-spouse may file a domestic violence complaint as a means of gaining sole custody of your children.
  • Wrong person: This entails claiming that another person was responsible for the domestic violence, not you. To use this strategy, you must present evidence that proves you were not at the scene when the incident occurred.

What to do about serious drug distribution charges

Virginia drug trafficking charges are serious criminal charges and accused individuals facing them should be prepared to address them with a strong criminal defense strategy. Failing to take any kind of drug charge seriously can leave accused individuals vulnerable to the serious penalties and consequences associated with drug charges.

Drug distribution and drug trafficking charges refer to the sale, transport or illegal important of unlawful controlled substances including marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines and other illegal drugs. The punishment for those facing drug charges can be severe and depends on the type of drugs allegedly sold; the quantity of drugs allegedly sold; where the drugs were allegedly sold; and who was allegedly targeted for the sale of the drugs. The potential penalties can range from 3 to 5 years to lifetime imprisonment depending on the circumstances.

Methods of challenging a breathalyzer test

A breathalyzer test can be a major piece of evidence used against an individual who has been accused of drinking and driving and the consequences for refusing a breathalyzer test and not taking one can be significant. Any accused individual who has been charged with a DUI, should be familiar with the methods for challenging a breathalyzer test after one has been administered.

The potential penalties and consequences associated with a DUI charge can also be significant and can include jail time, fines and a criminal record which is why accused individuals should be aware of when and how they can challenge a breathalyzer test. When the accused individual has been given a portable breathalyzer test, it may be possible to challenge both the administration and accuracy of the test. Reliability of the test depends on whether the administering officer was properly trained and if the device was properly calibrated and maintained.

Where recipients of traffic violations can turn

The legal process associated with a traffic ticket or traffic violation can be surprisingly challenging to navigate and may even feel overwhelming. Because individuals facing traffic violations are facing fines, increased insurance rates and other serious possible penalties associated with a traffic violation.

Though traffic violations may sometimes not be taken as seriously as they should be, they should not be taken lightly and can result in excessive fines; points on the recipient's driver's license; license suspension; increased insurance rates; a driving record; and a possible warrant for the recipient's arrest. When an individual receives a traffic violation, it can disrupt the daily life of the recipient.

What to do about white collar crime charges

White collar crime refers to a variety of different types of Virginia fraud crimes which are characterized by deceit, concealment and a violation of trust. White collar crimes are generally considered to be motivated by a desire for financial gain including money, property, services or avoidance of losing money.

Types of white collar crimes includes public corruption; corporate fraud; securities and commodities fraud; mortgage fraud; money laundering; financial institution fraud; bank fraud and embezzlement; fraud against the government; health care fraud; as well as other types of fraud as well. Embezzlement is another common type of white collar crime and identity theft is another type of fraud accused individuals may find themselves facing.

Should you worry about lies on your mortgage application?

Lying and manipulating other people are unethical behaviors. They are also against the law. Fraud is the formal legal term for when one person tricks, manipulates or lies to another. People engage in fraud for reasons that range from financial to personal gain. Regardless of one's intentions, committing fraud for personal gain could lead to serious repercussions.

Sometimes, people engage in serious forms of fraud without realizing that they are breaking the law. This may be true of some individuals accused of mortgage fraud. Mortgage fraud sounds like such an official and frightening term that many people could assume their little mortgage application fibs don't really matter. That inaccurate belief could have a lasting impact on some people.

What are my 4th Amendment rights and how do I protect them?

There are a variety of important criminal defense rights and protections that accused individuals should be familiar with. One such protection accused individuals may be familiar with, but may also have questions concerning, includes their 4th Amendment search and seizure rights which protect them from unlawful searches and seizures.

It is important to note right away that when an accused individual's 4th Amendment search and seizure rights have been violated, such as in circumstances that lead to drug charges, it may be possible for the charges to be dropped. Any violation of 4th Amendment rights is significant and should be taken seriously. Search and seizure laws are important safeguards that should never be ignored.

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