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White collar crimes basics

The term white collar crime refers to a variety of different types of crime which is why it is helpful to understand what the category of crime refers to and what the different crimes are included in the definition. White collar crimes typically, in general, involve deceit and are motivated by financial gain.

The most common types of white collar crime include fraud, embezzlement tax evasion and money laundering. In addition, securities fraud such as insider trading or Ponzi schemes are included under the category of white collar crimes. Fraud is one type of white collar crime that involves the use of deceit for monetary gain.

Do you know what qualifies as reckless driving in Virginia?

Certain traffic infractions are straightforward. Speeding tickets, for example, typically reflect a radar reading that shows a vehicle traveling at a speed higher than the posted speed limit. The citation will state exactly how fast a driver was going, making any defense to a speeding infraction relatively straightforward.

Other kinds of traffic infractions are less objective and more subjective in certain cases. Reckless driving is a perfect example of a traffic violation that people find confusing. Someone may believe that their driving was perfectly safe, but law enforcement officers may not agree.

What to do when facing DUI charges

Drunk driving charges can lead to significant potential penalties and consequences for accused individuals which can have a dramatic, and immediate, impact on their day-to-day lives. Legal help with drunk driving charges can be crucial because of the serious impact a DUI charge can have on the lives of accused individuals.

Accused individuals facing DUI charges should be familiar with their legal options, rights and the protections available to them. Accused individuals can face both near-term and long-term consequences associated with a DUI charge. It is important to note that there are potential criminal and administrative penalties associated with a drunk driving charges which can result in fees, incarceration or license suspension.

Felony charges should be taken seriously

Felony charges are the most serious criminal charges an accused individual can face and should therefore be taken seriously. Felonies are usually designated by class which can have an impact on the potential penalties and consequences the accused individual faces.

Historically, felony charges were regarded as charges of moral turpitude and have historically been considered the worst crimes an individual could commit. Violent crime is included amongst the list of common felonies including murder, rape, robbery, burglary, arson, kidnapping and other crimes as well. Since a felony charge is considered so serious, it can generally be punished by a year or more in prison and a steep fine.

What accused individuals should know about fraud charges

Fraud charges are serious criminal charges that should not be taken lightly. All criminal charges can have a life-long impact on accused Manassas resident which is why accused individuals must be familiar with the protections that are part of the criminal justice system.

Fraud is a type of white collar crime. By definition, fraud is the intentional deception made for the purposes of monetary or personal gain. Fraud crimes involve a false statement, misrepresentation or some type of deceit. The purpose of a fraud crime is generally to gain something of value, usually property or money, through a misrepresentation the accused party knows to be false. The definition of a fraud crime can vary by state so it is helpful for the accused individual to be familiar with the definitions in their state.

What are drug possession laws in Virginia?

Drug possession laws in Virginia can be harsh which is why accused individuals should be familiar with their legal options straightaway should they find themselves facing drug charges. One example of the exceptionally harsh nature of Virginia's drug charges is that the second marijuana possession charge could lead to a year in jail.

While the potential penalties and consequences for marijuana possession can be significant, the potential penalties and consequences for cocaine or heroin possession can be even more significant. Even more serious charges can be associated with an alleged intent to sell which can also result in more serious potential penalties and consequences including 10 years in prison. The cost of a drug charges is steep which is why accused individuals must be aware of the legal resources available to help them when they are facing drug charges.

Can you refuse sobriety tests in Virginia?

When a police officer pulls you over on suspicion of drinking and driving, it is likely they will ask you to complete several field sobriety tests or a breath test, possibly both.

You are not the only one in this situation. According to MADD, police arrest over 3,000 people for driving under the influence each day. Often, officers can make it seem like you do not have a choice to take the tests, but is that really true?

Legal help with traffic violations

Traffic violations may not only ruin the recipient's day but may also results in problems down the road for the recipient of a citation to deal with. The process of challenging a traffic violation can seem daunting but that does not necessarily have to be true with trained guidance and knowledge of the process.

While a traffic violation is an inconvenience, it can also be more than that. Traffic violations can result in excessive fines, higher insurance rates, points added to a driver's license, higher insurance rates and a warrant for the driver's arrest in some circumstances. It can be helpful to know how to navigate the process and protect the driver's driving record and driving privileges.

What Individuals Facing Sex Crimes Charges Need to Know

Convictions for certain crimes can carry significant penalties above and beyond jail time or fines. For example, in Virginia, persons convicted of certain sex offenses may be required to register with the State Police and be listed in a publicly searchable database.

There are a number of charges for sex offenses that, upon conviction, require a person to register as a sex offender. For example, sex crimes where force was used are included, as are crimes that involve minors. Additionally, many offenses can mandate lifetime registration, as can involvement in activities related to sex trafficking, prostitution and child pornography.

What are embezzlement charges?

If you are facing embezzlement charges or accusations, you may wonder what embezzlement charges are and what embezzlement refers to. Embezzlement charges are a type of theft charges and are serious enough that they can carry potentially significant penalties and consequences.

Embezzlement is considered a type of white collar crime and is typically described as the theft, or larceny, of assets, including money or property, by a person who enjoys some type of trust or responsibility for those assets. Embezzlement generally occurs in employment or corporate settings. In circumstances of embezzlement, the party accused of embezzling is commonly lawfully in possession of the property but is then accused of converting the property for personal use.

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